Official bio

Sherri C. Perry is the author of Venn, a collection of short storiespublished by Mockingbird Lane Press in 2014, Letters to Cadence, Musings of a Modern Grandmother, released in October 2016 and Slice, a collection of poetry in 2017. Her stories and poetry have been featured in numerous literary journals. She currently is working on a second collection of short stories, Isosceles. Perry has been awarded writing fellowships and residencies at the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, Arkansas, Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, California and Wellspring House, Massachusetts. She holds a writing degree from the University of Houston and a Masters in English. Perry lives in Texas with her husband and when she’s not writing, she’s traveling the back roads of the 50 states, most recently by train.


The living bits of a life

The night my car was blown off the highway after a day of chasing tornadoes with my son.

When I saw a ghost watching me from the kitchen.

Hearing over the phone that my credit had been approved for a piano.

Seeing my little granddaughter unerringly pull only books from the shelves that were over a hundred years old.

Counting seven rainbows in nine months.

The lunch over which a best friend told me he was going to die.

Reading the email that informed me a publisher had bought my first book.

The night a hurricane blew in and I was sitting in a hotel room.

Throwing my graduation cap in the air for a college degree that was fifteen years in the making.

When the dog gave birth to nine puppies in the garage.

The time I heard someone exclaim, ‘there are the writers!’ and belatedly realized I was one of them.

Looking up past expectations at the tallest redwood.

Looking up past expectations at the tallest redwood.


                      Standing in a meadow in Yosemite,

a deer a few feet in front of me and God in the peaks all around me.