Venn, A Collection   

"A refreshing, moving collection of fictional expressions that wraps your imagination through the innocence of life’s everyday moments! The perfect regime of engaging literature to stimulate the hearts, souls and minds of all who dare to dive in and take a swim into Perry’s ocean of storytelling.”

Ivy Okoro- National University


Letters to Cadence: Musings of a Modern Grandmother

"Reading Sherri Perry is like hopping in your grandaddy’s ‘54 Chevy and riding high into the sunset. Whether set inside a child’s hospital room, tornado alley, or the streets of a mega-city, her stories glitter.”

Stephanie Elizondo Griest- Around the Bloc: My Life in Moscow, Beijing, and Havana; My Life Between the Borderlines



"From the first line, from the first word of the opening story, "Broken," I was in the author's shoes every step of the way. Tears welled and dripped down my cheeks throughout the story, my heart profoundly touched. Sherri Perry, the obviously experienced and talented author, immediately drew me into the moment, such that I couldn't stop reading until the end."

Helen Boone, Amazon Reviewer



 "Relieves me she wrote this book because I’ve thought for a long time about writing one for my daughter. Instead, I gave her this one. Full of wisdom and practical advice but with a twist."

Maya Lessing, Reviewer

Her work has been featured in Streetlight Magazine, Tigershark Publishing, GNU Literary Journal, Dragon Poet Review, The Bayou Review, Emerge Magazine and The Storyteller Magazine.

Awards: Write Partners of North Arkansas Award, Ozark Creative Writers Editor’s Award, Clouse Literary Arts and Theater Award, Saturday Writers Creative Non-Fiction Award, Porter Art Enterprises Award, The Caudle Memorial Award for Excellence in Storytelling.

Residences and Fellowships Awarded: Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, Arkansas; Dorland Mountain Arts Colony, California; Wellspring House, Massachusetts