You may find as you start telling your own stories that the only thing you can control are the endings. Our beginnings we inherit, our in-betweens we sometimes have to compromise due to detours or contingencies, but our legacies are ours to imagine and construct as we like . . . How you and your house live your life, what you put into your life for other people and not only and always for yourself, will come back to you in the end. You will be blessed with the right paint color, a front porch, a broken window, color-penciled wall paper, a set of bunk-beds and an open door through which butterflies will float and pill bugs will roll. You will have a house and a life that will be treasured.
— ‘Letters to Cadence, Musings of a Modern Grandmother’ Chapter: ‘Dollhouse’






'Letters to Cadence'

"I find myself paraphrasing lines and throwing them out to my kids. Great little book. It sticks with you." 'Letters to Cadence'

-Blake Jaarlsen


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Streetlight Magazine
The Storyteller Magazine
The Bayou Review
Porter Art Enterprises Poetry Award
Saturday Writers Creative Non-Fiction Award

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